April 2, 2023

Former internationals can rescue Nigeria football – Kanu Nwankwo

September 9, 2016

The former Super Eagles skipper is saddened by the state of Nigerian football and believes ex-players should be given a chance to take charge of administration

Kanu Nwankwo hopes ex-internationals are given the opportunity to help rescue Nigeria football from sinking further.

The Super Eagles legend expressed his unhappiness at the Super Eagles’ inability to qualify for Gabon 2017 Africa Cup of Nations, and felt that could have been averted if those who played the game had a say in terms of administration.

“It worries me as a former captain and player. It’s something that doesn’t make us sleep well,” said Kanu.

“We’re missing out on too many competitions, and this is not the Nigeria we know and there’s something wrong somewhere.

“People come up to say ‘Kanu go and do something,’ but we don’t have that opportunity especially when you talk but people don’t listen to you; it hurts.

“We want to contribute, and we don’t have to be coaches to contribute, because we’re part of Nigeria and great ambassadors, so we have to play our own part but when the doors aren’t opened for us to play a part we’ll just sit at home and talk from now till forever and nothing will happen.

“Those in the powerhouse have to realise they have people like us [ex internationals] that can play our part,” he concluded.

*Kanu was speaking at the launch launch of Star Football League, a collaboration between Star Lager Beer and five major European clubs (Arsenal, Manchester City, PSG, Juventus and Real Madrid) to further strengthen the ties between the clubs and their fans in the Nigeria.

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