June 4, 2020

Pochettino promises to protect Tottenham World Cup stars

August 1, 2018
Tottenham Hotspur
Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspur celebrates with Lucas

Tottenham Hotspurs manager, Mauricio Pochettino has joined Jose Mourinho in taking a swipe at the Premier League for how early the season kicks off and noted some of his players won’t be ready for the opening month of the season.

He made it clear those players would be protected, and said that risks will not be taken – and that the supporters also need to understand this and be calm at the start of the season, understanding this is simply not something that can be done.

Standard Sport report he said: “First we need to assess them and see what happens. Maybe some players looked after themselves and they’ve been training, maybe others rested

“We are not going to take risks. If some players are not ready to play, they are not going to be involved at the weekend. That is so, so clear. If someone is not ready, he’s not going to be involved because we are not going to take risks.

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“It’s the reality that happens and pushes us to take some decisions that doesn’t help the team from the beginning [of the season] but we need to help some players because after the World Cup, they need a minimum 20 days to rest and stop thinking about football.

“That is the reality. It is a massive challenge for us, because for us it never happened before and we need to be careful. We cannot play them because we need to or because the supporters will be disappointed [if they don’t play].

“We are going to look after them in the best way, try to help them and start to play when they will be ready – not before.”

One player who has said they want to play as soon as they can is Harry Kane, who will of course want to make sure he gets a goal in August, the month that he notoriously cannot score in.

With the player only set to report for pre-season right before Spurs open their campaign, it seems that Pochettino is planning on resting him, and with the sheer amount of games Kane has played of late, that seems like the smart thing to do, with many people noting he certainly looked shattered in the knockout stages of the World Cup.

Spurs will also have a long and hard season, and it’s something Poch knows – and will want to make sure doesn’t hurt their players in terms of fatigue.

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