January 19, 2021

Arsenal fans lambaste Iwobi

April 13, 2018
Alex Iwobi
Alex Iwobi

Arsenal have progressed to the last four of the UEFA Europa League following their 2-2 draw with CSKA Moscow at VEB Arena on Thursday night, but the Gunners Nigerian fans are dissatisfied with one of their own, Alex Iwobi.

Two minutes from time, the Nigeria international had a wonderful chance to score but somehow managed to miss the target after receiving a pass from Mesut Ozil.

Here are some of the tweets from Arsenal’s Nigerian fans criticising the winger, who entered into the fray in the 77th minute:

@chizommy: “Iwobi needs to be cleansed with the blood of a chicken and dove before he nears our Super eagles, Afaanu!!!”

@1ope: “Iwobi is NOT related to Jay Jay Okocha”.

@BayoOshinusi: “Imagine the dip in self-esteem and confidence when someone like iwobi is coming on for you”.

@ToluTeee: “Iwobi needs to spend an hour alone after each training day, training in how to shoot.”

@Tomaassi : ”Sheybi everybody is watching Alex #Iwobi making a fool of himself in front of goal…”

@SemilooreAkoni: “Iwobi shoots like he is scared of the ball”.

@obisingledigit: “Iwobi doesn’t have sense”.

@henrie_10: “Iwobi is just playing for Arsenal because he has a British passport…”

@DejjLoso: “I can’t believe iwobi is Nigerian, he plays like he’s from Jamaica.”

@Omojuwa: “Jesus. See Iwobi? Unbelievable”.

@Sweeegu: “Iwobi has zero confidence in front of goal. He needs to work on that all summer.”

@MichaelImianvan: ”Ozil talking to Iwobi on the missed chance and they both laughed at the end. Nice??”.

@bideyy: “Iwobi need serious lashes… 2 hot slaps, and 10games ban for putting that wide… Nonsense! ??”.Nigeria

@Chris_black1989: “When I criticize Alex Iwobi, people see it that I’m being unfair to him. The fact is I hate players without consistency. Until he plays up to expectation, he is a pure joker on the field of play.”

@opheophagus: ”Iwobi has hit his ceiling, he would never get better than he is now. A wise manager would be selling Iwobi”.

@demydemo: “Iwobi……. I won’t say anything.??????”.

@tonyskill: “Disastrous finishing iwobi”.

@BlacB : “This is the Iwobi that is going to World Cup in few days”.

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