May 29, 2023

See why Gavi has lost his No 6 jersey at Barcelona

March 30, 2023
Gavi Barcelona

Barcelona teen star Gavi has been demoted from first-team status and stripped of his shirt number due to LaLiga’s decision to block his registration.

The Spanish footballer had been registered as a first-team player in January and was set to wear the number six shirt.

However, LaLiga successfully challenged a court ruling in favor of Barcelona, which meant that Gavi’s registration was overturned.

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Consequently, Barcelona has been informed that they cannot register Gavi’s contract due to wage bill constraints, and he has been returned to his youth contract.

This implies that Gavi could leave Barcelona as a free agent when the season ends. Although it is improbable that he will leave, Gavi will have to wear his old shirt number, 30, for the remainder of the campaign.

Despite his demotion in status, Gavi can still play for Xavi’s team, having already featured in 37 games for Barcelona this season following a remarkable breakthrough in the previous campaign.

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