June 10, 2023

Joe Hart admits his rift with Pep Guardiola will never heal after brutal Manchester City exit

October 9, 2016

The England international is convinced he will not be able to change the Manchester City boss’ opinion on sweeper-keepers

JOE HART admits he will never heal his rift with Pep Guardiola.

The England No. 1 was dumped by Manchester City boss Guardiola at the start of the season.

And he insists there is no way he can change the Spaniard’s view on sweeper-keepers.

Hart said: “Football is a game of opinions and some people have a great opinion of me and some people probably think I’m absolutely useless.

“Unfortunately for me, one of the guys’ opinions in charge of my club at the time wasn’t as strong as it needed to be.

“So I needed to find someone who had an opinion of me who thought I could help their team.

“But in terms of changing everyone’s opinions and making everyone think I’m great, you’re not going to win. You can’t win. It’s hard to please everyone and I learned quite early that that’s never going to happen.”

Hart went out on a season-long loan to Italian outfit Torino in August after Guardiola brought in Barcelona’s Claudio Bravo to be his sweeper-keeper.

And he reckons Guardiola’s trophy success at Barcelona and Bayern Munich means he will always play that style of keeper.

Hart, 29, said: “Some people you struggle to argue with — they’ve got a lot of strong backing to what they say and what they do.

“People have their opinions and will make statements on how things are and what they are.

“They might be right, they might be bang on. But I can only really look after me.

“I’ve got my people who I trust and whether I’m right or wrong is to be debated.

“I see new ideas, I like new ideas and I’ve got to work to my capabilities. I have to think selfishly and try to be what I’m capable of being.”

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